Female Pleasure Society


The Female Pleasure Society will take you on a journey to live an independent, free and self-fulfilling life by providing holistic and web3 empowered female health solutions.

Our Genesis NFT Collection is a limited collection of 4960 female characters stored as ERC-720 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to empower women and their sexual freedom. Your NFT will give you an exclusive access to members-only benefits such as free innovative science-based products, voting rights and other rich long-term utilities.

Building a bridge between web2 and web3, we combine blockchain technology with IRL products. The utility of the Genesis Token can be categorized in three parts: Exclusive Access, Voting Rights and Co-Ownership.

Exclusive access: Each NFT will come with a 5-year free quarterly product allowance of our Healthy Mood & Sexuality supplement worth over 1,500 USD.

Voting Rights: Our goal is to create the brand and the company together with our community, especially with our holders. We will set-up a full transparent Female Pleasure Society Voting System by using the technology of tokenization to carry out transparent, safe and reliable voting processes. These voting rights entitle to actively participate in key business decisions of the company such as product development, extensions of go-to-market strategies, establishment of new partnerships and more.

Co-ownership: All FPS NFT holders together will get co-ownership rights and will benefit from the overall success of the company. For regulatory reasons we cannot disclose more information right now.

Contact Information
Vanessa (Founder & CEO), Cornelius (Founder) & Holger (Founder & Business Angel); Advisory Board (Sexual advisor, Scientific advisor & NFT & Crypto advisor)
Social Media
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1: The Mint

We will launch our Genesis Collection of 4960 FPS NFTs (Date tba). To celebrate our entry into web3 we will raffle premium sex toys in collaboration with Lovehoney, exclusive merch, and therapy sessions within our holders.

2: The Shop

Immediately after the mint we will set-up the token-gated shop system, where only FPS holders will get access to the product and discounts and start delivery of the Healthy Mood & Sexuality Booster.

We work with Shopify and its token-gating app partners, who provide the platform to select specific NFTs and smart contracts and to individualize the content they allow access to. If you own one of these NFTs in your crypto wallet, then the system grants access to the exclusive content.

3: Voting

We will set-up the Female Pleasure Society voting system and will begin voting on the key business decisions in the company and on key topics for the roadmap.

4: Co-ownership
Finally, we will start the Female Pleasure Society Success Program, so that holders can benefit from the overall success of the company. For regulatory reasons we cannot disclose more information right now.

5: Upcoming seasons

After the set-up of all relevant utilities for our FPS NFT holders, we will work on further developing the company. Our goal is to create a global brand for female health and to develop sustainable revenue streams.
We already have some ideas in mind.

Going forward there will be the possibility to open our shop to the public and start selling products outside our holders. This will generate revenues for the business and will allow us to grow the company. We will be able to leverage D2C marketing mechanisms but also more innovative web3-based sales channels. Combining to-ken with an affiliate program could be a solution as it fits to our ideas of building this company together with our community.

In addition, we already developed some ideas regarding further female health and sexual wellness products, which we could launch within short timeframes.
It is important to say, that we have many ideas regarding more utilities for our holders and where the company can head to. However, we will only implement these which are accepted by our community. Every next step will be voted on by our holders.