NClip Collectibles


NClip Collectibles enables Content Creators and Brands to create NFT Collections with a maximum of 6 pieces of Data in less than five minutes. The Amount of all available Tokens will be splitted into five rarities. Every Users pays the same amount and will get a random rarity. These Tokens are the Key to the tokengated Community of that Creator. He / She can set up Quests and activate the Community in Social Media, other online Places like Metaverses or IRL. The Community will then be rewarded for their cross platform Engagement after the Quest-Time runs out. Users can collect their NFTs or trade them on the Marketplace. They are rewarded with Collector-Points and are listed in an Ranking.

Contact Information
Adrian Wilbrandt
Social Media
World Wide Web
3 Tags for Google

There will be the following features in the future:

– 3D-Galery that enables Users to showcase their Collectibles. Images / Videos can be placed at the Wall like Pictures and 3D-Models can be freely placed wherever the User wants to. Users can visit the Galery of their friends. We will add a System that Users can Rate the Galery of Users regarding the collectibles and the styling.

– Physical Collectibles like 3D-Prints or Trading Cards that contain Tech and trigger Actions when the User interacts with the Collectible and their Smartphone.
(for example: NFC Chip in an 3D-Print)

– Social Feed and Tokengated Feed that rewards Users for their interaction. It will be no X2Earn System. Users will be rewarded with Points like the Collector Points and get Airdrops depending on their Rank.

– UserLevel-System: This System will combine Collector Points / Galery-Points and Socialpoints to an experience System.