Unique. Bespoke. Handmade. Non-Fungible. Like You.
Crafting excellence meets Web3. Your NFT printed on your customizable sneakers. Wearable IRL and in the metaverse.

You love your NFT? Walk the walk.
Put your NFT on the streets by imprinting it on unique, bespoke and handmade leather sneakers Crafted with Xcellence in Austria. Every NFSneakers.CX Genesis token holder can commission a custom pair of sneakers – wearable IRL and soon in the metaverse. Our Genesis sneakers are shipped worldwide alongside a leather nursing set in an exclusive wooden box. On top of that, every shoe produced comes with a photorealistic animated 3D Model, updated in your NFT metadata … and soon ready to be worn by your avatar in the metaverse.

It’s showtime.
In addition, an NFC chip is built into each shoe. The first one links to the unique blockchain address of the imprinted NFT. The second one links to the blockchain address of the newly created and animated 3D NFT of your individual NFSneakers.CX model. So you can always prove that nobody in the world can have the same pair of sneakers as you. More uniqueness is hardly possible.

CX stands for Crafting Xcellence.
Our NFSneakers.CX are individually produced in Austria. We only work with high class materials – comfortable to wear, durable and responsible. Customize your sneakers by choosing from more than 100 different options – the color of your leather, the sole, the seams, the eyelets and the shoelaces. We love every single piece we create. If you buy a pair of NFSneakers.CX you can expect the highest quality – literally on every step of the way.

Contact Information
Matthias Lechner, Marco Neher, Julian Höck, Christoph Sitar, David Huber, Titus Oberhammer, Wolfgang Eder, Jasmin Wörndle;
Mint Date

March 2022 … First contact and start of the cooperation with Jasmin Wörndle (idea creator)

Q2 2022 … Concept development business idea, preparations, prototypes and sneak peaks

June 20 – 23, 2022 … Launch of the NFSneakers.CX Genesis Collection at NFT.NYC and handover of the first NFSneakers.CX

Q3 2022 … Start of cooperation talks incl. negotiations, summer break, various presentations and start of production preparations

Q4 2022 … Expansion of production capacities, deliveries, further developments of the project and planned roll-out of Metaverse functionalities

2023 … Further collections, expansion of cooperations as well as production capacities, possibly addition of new sneaker models, etc. … We are excited about what the future holds.