We at SwarmHotels make it possible to own, operate and earn from your own hotel rooms.

For this purpose, we provide our hosts with the asset “hotel room”, but also an easy-to-use app for management and a BaFin-regulated marketplace. We also take care of the cleaning of the property, your guests and the correct billing.

We use blockchain and NFT to validly define ownership and combine it with the room’s track record. This results in a separate value for each room concept. It also allows us greater scalability and flexibility.

With us, you can easily become a successful hotelier!

Contact Information
Benjamin Miesner, Jasmin Schier, a lot of great partner
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– concept? Check!
– regulatory? Check!
– businesss partner? Check!

– finalize founder team? In progress…
– first public founding? In progress…

– start MVP-object? coming soon….
– prepare whitelabeling? coming soon…

– official launch? STAY TUNED