The Cyber Genie


Imagine having access to a world of cyber genies that can fulfill your every wish. A genie that can consult you in any area you need. Are you searching for a genie who can give you some marketing tips? Or solve a challenge you’re having in your project at work? A genie who can even show you step by step how to prepare Hummus at home in an authentic oriental way?

We are building a D-app where people can barter or exchange their skills and services. For example, you can give me 30 minutes of marketing tips and I’ll offer you 30 minutes of “how to create a business plan” in return.

Users will have a matching functionality that connects them to their “Genie Match”. All they have to do is register via keywords the skills they can offer to the community & the skills they’re searching for.
Do you have a match? Then video call will be available and wish can be fulfilled.

For this check also our 5K Cyber Genie NFT collection at
NFT-holder will benefit from diverse utilities in the app we’re building together!

Are you searching for a genie? Or you think you could be someone’s genie?
Join us!!

Contact Information
Jalal Jezzini, Bilal Zeidan, Marvin Knappe & Vincent Wernhardt
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Q3 2022 – 5K NFT Cyber Genie Collection Mint
Q4 2022 – Beta App Launch
Q1/Q2 2022 – Tokenisation & Dao + Scaling (Team & Marketing)